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Make Your Ideas Work // We have a track record of successful projects with top level international corporations and startups. With our resources we support partners and customers with software development, hardware development, consulting and research services around the world. We are dedicated to make your ideas work. //

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Software & Hardware

We are experts in developing solutions based on Open Source software and hardware. Our projects range from small to large scale. Using distributed development tools and technologies we develop projects with our pool of developers in Germany, India, Latin America and around the world.


With daily new tech developments, opportunities and challenges constantly arise. Our facilitators help you to adapt your standing operations and update processes. We enable you to compete through continuous development. At a start-up to build the business, requires a strong focus on the core idea. We have experience in Asian markets and focus on your goals and traction that result in business growth.

Research & Business Development

We conduct market research throughout Asia, BRIC and EMEA. We develop and implement strategies to approach the market and expand your business. We support you with social media campaigns on the channels that matter to your audience and help you to train and expand your teams to reach your targets.

The Founders

Mario Behling is an entrepreneur who grew up in East-Berlin during the fall of the Berlin wall. He is a Linux expert and the founder of the light Ubuntu distribution, Lubuntu. Mario deployes WiFi mesh networks around the world, be it Germany or Afghanistan. He works on the open hardware project Crypto Stick, and cooperates with FashionTec startups in Europe and the US. Mario started the FOSSASIA community and organizes enterprise matchmaking events like FOSSBRIDGE.

Hong Phuc Dang currently focuses on projects in the airline industry in Dubai. She has lived several years in the US and Singapore after her childhood in Vietnam. Hong Phuc is widely recognized as an Open Source community and software expert. As a manager she has lead the expansion of the largest health and hospital group in Vietnam. As a consultant she supports businesses to increase profitability by introducing ICT tools. Hong Phuc works on research projects for top International data research companies. She regularly appears at International conferences and organizes events such as GNOME.Asia and FOSSASIA.

The Company

MBM International was founded in 2009 by Mario Behling and DANG Hong Phuc. Since its inception the goal of the company is to lead international corporations and technology startups towards offering higher revenue generating products and services.

The company builds its operations on the basis of its internationally experienced staff and a proven track record of its founders. We are:

Our Track Record


Please contact our office in Europe or Asia about your project:

MBM International Berlin Office, Singerstrasse 117, 10179 Berlin, Germany | Phone +49 30 88764502 | Fax: +49 3 21 21 21 89 71 | Email: contact@mbm.asia


You are eager to learn continuously, to explore and work with new technologies? You want to work in an international environment? You are able to actively collaborate with people and organizations in your local environment and across the globe? And, you believe in sharing knowledge with your partners to achieve the best possible outcome? Please send us your CV at careers@mbm.vn.